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Trends for Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

When it comes to teen room ideas, there are so many stylish options as different as the pre-adults who might occupy them. Some might like brightly coloured walls, patterned accessories or vintage/retro florals, while others may want a dark and moody colour scheme, edgy prints and more industrial pieces to furnish a room. So, to help navigate the transition between princess-style, sickly sweet rooms to bedrooms with a more grown-up feel, suitable for both boys and girls with a little tweaking, here’s the Top 10 Trends for Tween to Teen bedrooms.

But before choosing which style is best, it’s worth considering what size bed to add to the room. Sales of single beds have dropped significantly in the last few years as more teens opt for king-singles or even double beds on which they’ll sleep, chat, watch TV and even do their homework. Clearly, available space is the defining factor but each of the decorating ideas in this list of Top Ten 10 Trends can be adapted to suit either single or double bed.

The key to decorating a teen bedroom, in most cases, is to do away with childish decor and dress the space up as a retreat and a place for them to express their own style. Since tastes are likely changing as the trends change then keep the basic wall colour neutral and use cool bedroom accessories and fresh bed linen to update the space and give it personality.

New Pastels

Pastels Bedroom Ideas

Sickly sweet pastels from floor to ceiling can be quite childish for a teen girls bedroom. But some teens still like pastels; particularly the uber cool and on-trend blush pinks. This room uses a great colour scheme of blush, luxe grey and lilac. The framed black and white prints on a slim-line shelf add just the right amount of grown-up feel to the room. And the layers of texture using fur and velvet cushions make that bed look so inviting. Finally a touch of whimsy is introduced with the pendant light and LED fairy lights draped across the wall. This teen room space is so grown up even adults would covet it.

Art Gallery

Art Gallery Tween to Teen Bedroom Ideas

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An Art Gallery is the perfect way for a teen to express their individuality and creativity. Whether it’s their own artwork on display or inspirational art prints, they don’t have to be framed. Posters, collectables and other decorative pieces like garlands of tassels, pompoms and beads, macramé wall hangings, fairy lights and even an LED neon light all look great grouped together as a very personalized gallery. For a less permanent option try fixing picture ledges at staggered heights on the wall above the bed and layering up framed prints, photos and items of the teens choice. The images – and therefore the space – can be updated as frequently as desired.



Scandi Tween Teen Bedroom

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Not all teenagers are blessed with big bedrooms and it’s not always simple to convert a child’s room to a more grown-up space. This attic bedroom does a great job of making that transition, with a cool Scandi vibe. Clever use of the entire room, especially the high ceilings makes the most of the available space by including a raised built-in loft bed and a study space underneath… leaving the rest of the room free for a  wardrobe (hopefully not scattered across the newly-freed-up floor). The white walls enhance the Scandi style and the sense of space – essential in a teens room. Linen and accessories in white and grey tones keep the room gender-neutral. Alternatively, include some colourful bed linen to add some personality and flair.

Chill Out Zone

 Tween Teen Chill Out Bedroom

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When you’re a teenager your bedroom is an important and very private space to hang out and retreat from the world. This bedroom has the perfect getaway space in the form of a loft. The rest of the décor in the room is pretty simple but still functional. If there’s the option to install a chill-out zone or reading nook in a teenagers room then something like this will be much appreciated. Better still, when it’s being built let the teen liaise with the contractor to install some hidden spaces in the loft for hiding some of their more treasured possessions. The only thing cooler than this space, are parents brave enough to build one!

Harajuku Style

Harajuku Style for Tween Teen Bedrooms

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Fresh, fun, colourful and cool describes the best of Japanese street style known as Harajuku – and this bedroom has loads of it. The ice-white walls and painted wooden floor are the perfect backdrops for a mad mix of patterns and textures in wall art, floor coverings, decorator pieces and bed linen. The beauty of this style is that the rules are out the window and anything goes, which is perfect for a teen to express a bunch of styles all rolled into one room. But there’s nothing overwhelming about this space – it’s just young and playful.

Hanging Chairs

Hanging Chair Feature Tween Teen Bedroom

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Hanging chairs come in so many shapes and sizes and make for a stylish seat easily incorporated into many of the other Top 10 Trends listed here, like Boho and Scandi. If it’s not possible to hang one from the ceiling then there are plenty of styles, which also include a stand. While this rattan version will suit most room styles there are also clear Perspex bubble designs more fitting for a modern room. Whatever the style, they look great draped in a sheepskin and made more comfortable with cushions. Used as a place to read or listen to music they can free up valuable floor space in an otherwise small room. Grab a book and get hanging!


Boho Tween Teen Bedroom Ideas

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Looking for a whole new look for a teenage girls bedroom to avoid everything being “matchy-matchy”, then consider the very popular Bohemian-style. Start with some plain, neutral furniture and introduce bold patterned bed linen, cushions and throws. Boho-style can also include Folksy patterns like paisley or some Seventies Retro-style rattan furniture, like this bedhead, to introduce pops of colour. Add some whimsy with accessories such as the woven lampshade and flamingo. There’s an opportunity to also go beachy with this style, using artwork and other coastal-inspired accessories. If the teenager wants to avoid bright colours then Boho-inspired rooms look just as good using pastels. Add loved pieces and it will all come together.

Super Storage

Super Storage Bedroom

It goes without saying, the more storage the better - as every parent knows how difficult it can be to get your teenagers to clean and tidy up after themselves. Neat storage systems, from shelving to wardrobes, drawers to under-bed or end-of-bed storage benches means there’s no excuse for clutter. This example is extra storage for the most frequently worn and used items and is in addition to a traditional wardrobe. It has custom storage not only for clothes but also for jewellery and even nail polish – all of those essentials. There are so many creative ways to add storage and give that personal touch by using ready-made fittings from stores such as IKEA and K-Mart. And to make it even easier, there are countless hacks online showing DIY solutions using items often at a fraction of the cost of custom storage.


Street Art Bedroom Ideas

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Not all girls want pretty, girly bedrooms – in fact, plenty will want their bedrooms to reflect their more grungy and edgy personal style and generally, this doesn’t mean pink walls and flowers everywhere. Rough-around the edges can be stylish too, as this industrial decorating scheme shows - with its graffiti wall art and rough-luxe finishes. If you find an artist to paint the wall for you then the design options are endless or an easier alternative for the art is readily available graffiti-style wallpaper. Team with a metal bed frame, metal lockers for storage, industrial lighting and denim-look bed linen, and you’ve got an urban teen girl bedroom with a warehouse vibe which is just as suitable for boys too.

Study Space

Study Space Bedroom

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A bedroom study space is essential for any child at school or college for homework, but it doesn’t need to be boring. This desk and shelving have been transformed into a space your teen will want to hang out in. Adjustable shelves house art supplies, framed prints, and photos, books as well as accessories which look great while also functioning as organisational desk essentials. Using adjustable shelves helps to customise the space as required by adding or taking away shelves. Complete the look with a stylish chair to suit. This look is easily adapted for a boy’s room as well.



















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