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Annabel Trends

We love Annabel Trends as they have some of the best pamper products on the market. Their eye masks, slippers and bath bombs are simply beyond compare and a favourite for teen girl gifts. We also stock a wide selection of their jewellery storage products, such as their velvet jewellery boxes.  Annabel Trends also produces a wide selection of bath bags for boys and girls, and also a funky collection of makeup bags and storage items.   One of the most popular Annabel Trends items in our store this season is the new Happywrap range, which comes in multiple design and colours.  
Annabel Trends is an Australian business that was launched in Australia in 1967 by Anne Dawe, and started mainly with a range of kitchen linens and décor in bright 60’s designs and colours. The collection continued to grow and expand into other giftware items and moved to their current Gold Coast factory in 2006. Unlike many other manufacturers and distributors, many of the Annabel Trends items are actually manufactured in Australia, out of their Gold Coast factory. We love the fact that Annabel Trends is an Australia grown company and continues to source from and support Australian talent. You can see their proud heritage in many of their uniquely Australian designs.