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Kids Jewellery Storage Ideas

Tween to Teen Online has the best selection of kids jewellery storage options for girls aged 8 - 14+ years of age. A jewellery box or trinket dish is the perfect gift for any tween or tween girl and will be a welcomed addition to any room decor.

Trinket Trays and Dishes

Trinket trays, trays dishes and bowls are a great option for girls that do not have a lot of jewellery and are great for holding small items of value. If your daughter has only a ring or two and one or two pairs of earrings and perhaps a watch then this is the perfect gift idea. Trinket dishes are not the best for storing items like a necklace or bracelet as they tend to be smaller in size and a necklace is likely to become wrapped up amongst the other items and a not may form.

Small Travel Jewellery Organisers

A small travel jewellery organiser is great if your daughter is heading out for a sleepover or party and wants to take her earrings or necklaces. These cut little jewellery storage items are also good for if your tween or teen has got a few too many items for a trinket dish but not enough to fill a proper jewellery box. A small jewellery storage option like this will be large enough to hold a collection of a few rings and some earrings. Our store also has some larger travel jewellery storage organisers that could also accommodate a slightly larger jewellery collection that includes a necklace or two.

Jewellery Boxes

Tween to Teen has a great selection of jewellery boxes that are sure to suit even the discerning customer. Our jewellery box collection includes velvet and linen covered jewellery boxes, as well as wooden boho inspired jewellery storages with separate drawers to store an assortment of earrings, necklaces and watches.

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