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Wind Turbine Glider Model Kit

DIY wind-powered glider kit

The Discovery #MINDBLOWN Wind Turbine Glider Kit is a fun way to learn about green energy with a set you build yourself! Plus, the glider, a cool toy on its own, is powered by electricity you generate from wind power - no batteries or outlets needed. How awesome is that?

Motorised glider

Use the wind turbine you build to power the glider. The mini motor will make it soar using electricity you generated! It's just one way to use green energy in the real world! 

This build-it-yourself Wind Turbine Glider Kit lets you convert wind energy into power for a motorized glider! No batteries or power outlets needed. A perfect gift to learn about wind power & green energy with hands-on experience. All you need is a small Phillips-head screwdriver to put it together.


  • 16 part kit
  • complete wind turbine kit
  • complete mini motorised glider
  • Instruction booklet included
  • no batteries needed
  • Age: 8+