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Gifts For Teenage Boys

Boys, so much easier to please in some respects - but many parents think that teenage boys are much harder to buy for. Check out our range of gift ideas below. Keep checking back as we are always looking for new and exciting items to add to the range of gifts for teen boys.

Games, Action Heroes, & More

One of the easiest ways to find gift ideas for teen boys is to find out what game or franchise they’re interested in. We stock a range of Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and even Pokemon gifts. From Removable DC Decals to Chewbacca Flash Drives, you can give your tween or teen boy his favourite character.

Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

Need some help deciding what to get your teen? Here are our top picks for presents for teenage boys.

Portable Electronic Drum Kit

Know a teen or tween boy who always wanted to start his own band? Let him practice to his heart’s content with this electronic drum kit. It can be easily rolled up and put away and comes with an input plug for headphones so that he can drum without disturbing the entire household.

Kitchen Science

One of the best gifts for teen boys who love science is this Kitchen Science Kit. Using common household materials he’ll be able to master 20 amazing science tricks while learning the scientific explanations behind them.

Hair Styling Balm

For teen boys who love to style their hair just right, this styling balm is the perfect gift. Not only will it give them the hair-do they’re looking for, but it’s also 100% vegan!

Shower Speaker

Getting tween and teen boys to take a shower can be a mission. Make it easier with this shower speaker. It’s splash proof and can connect via Bluetooth.

3D Dinosaur Puzzle

Flat puzzles are child’s play. Up the ante by getting your tween boy a 3D puzzle sure to test his skills. It also makes for a unique sculptural desk topper he can keep in his room.