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Presents For 11 Year Old Boys

What are some great gift ideas for tween boys?

It is often hard to find the perfect gift for 11-year-old boys as they are at a cross-road between still loving some of the best toys like a Star Wars Lego set or outdoor soccer kit, but their tastes have also matured. They are also likely to be increasingly impressed with a cool watch or a gift around a personal interest like a model-making kit of their favourite sci-fi characters, or accessories for the PS5 set-up. Read More...

At Tween to Teen, we have an ever-growing collection of the coolest gifts for 11-year-old boys and you are sure to find something in the gift guide below to please even the fussiest kids for a birthday gift, Christmas, or any other gift occasion.

Gift for Boys to Make and Do

Some of the best gifts you could possibly give a little kid, according to every parent ever, is a gift to get them either outside or that reduces screen time, even just for a short while. Gifts to make and do are perfect for any boy that has a special interest, from the budding artist, music lovers, or the sports-crazy boy we have some top picks that can help you make a great choice when shopping for the best gift for your 11-year-old boys.

Science Kit

A science kit makes a unique gift, with the added bonus of having educational value, and would hands down be one of the best birthday presents for 11-year-olds. There are so many great choices of cool and unique science kits on the market that regardless of what area of science they are interested in you will be able to find something they like and that is super fun to make and do. Some of the most popular in this category are snap circuits, make-your-own FM Radio Kits, Erupting Volcano projects, and build your own Soaring Rocket Kit.

Model Making

In our store we have model-making kits suitable for younger kids, like the Incredibuilds series, all the way up to the more challenging Metal Earth Star Wars and Harry Potter models for older teens are sure to be a huge hit with any tween that love model making.

Tech Gifts

This generation are technology natives, so this category is always going to be a welcome gift, even if you don't know the recipient that well. Tech gadgets don't need to be expensive, and some can make your life easier, as well as that of your tween.

Bluetooth Speakers

These portable speakers offer your child an easy and fun way to access their favourite tunes without needing to connect any wires. Available in various colours and featuring an integrated carabiner clip for easy attaching to backpacks or gym bags, or suction cap for use in the shower, these Bluetooth speakers make listening to music enjoyable for all!

Phone Accessories

Most kids these days have a phone, so a phone accessory is a good choice, particularly for a kid that seems to have every toy on the market. Convenient accessories like 'charge and listen jacks', plug-in mini headphones and extra-long charging cables are always a great ideas. Phone decals, that can easily be removed, are also great ideas that allow your 11-year-old to personalise their phone so it can be easily recognised from everyone else’s.

Cool Bedside Lamps

Looking for something sure to make your tween smile? A colour-changing replica moon bed lamp could be just what they need! Most of our bed lamps are USB plug-ins, and some are battery-operated. It is important to only purchase a led light lamp to ensure they are safe and do not overheat.



A family card game night is the perfect way to connect with your kids, either playing a classic game of gin rummy, or something a little quicker for kids of all ages, like Sleeping Queens.

Board Games

No matter how old the child, board games never get old. We have a range of board games, including magnetic mini travel versions, that are fun to play with friends or with the whole family.


Darts is a game for both young and old, but of course the traditional dart game can be dangerous with sharp ended darts. There are many options now for younger kids to get into the game of darts with both magnetic dart sets, as well as plastic ended darts. This is the perfect game to play solo, or with one or two friends.

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