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Presents For 9 Year Old Girls

Discover the very best birthday and Christmas presents for 9 year old girls. We have developed this collection of gifts for girls age 9 so that you can always find a gift she’ll love, no matter the occasion. Browse our range of gifts that include beauty products, games, DIY kits, decor and more.

Your Guide To Buying Presents Girls Age 9

Age 9 is a pivotal time in a tween’s life. For many, it can mark the turning point from being a completely carefree kid to taking on responsibilities and becoming more independent. While it can be bittersweet to watch your child growing up, it also marks a new and exciting era of development. Here’s our guide to choosing presents for 9-year-old girls during this transitional period of their childhood.

Growing Up

If your 9 year old wants to try new, more ‘grown up’ hobbies and activities, meet them with encouragement. While you don’t want them to grow up too fast, experimentation with independence and more advanced activities is ultimately good for their development. When you’re shopping for presents for 9 yr old girls, it’s possible to encourage independence and exploration while still celebrating their childhood. Choose presents that are both cute and practical, or fun and intellectually stimulating, such as DIY kits or advanced games.

Staying Social

As 9-year-olds begin to mature, their relationships will also deepen. Social bonds will become ever-more important, which is why gifts that enable and encourage socialisation are great options. These can be anything from friendship-bracelet-making kits to social games.

Making & Creating

This age is where kids start to develop the interests and hobbies that they can carry through to the rest of their lives. Take note of what your tween is into at age 9 and choose gifts that align with those interests. Whether it’s a science kit or DIY project, it will allow them to discover what they do and don’t like, helping them realise their own interests for decades to come.

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