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Presents For 9 Year Old Girls

Discover the very best birthday and Christmas presents for 9 year old girls. We have developed this collection of gifts for girls age 9 so that you can always find a gift she’ll love, no matter the occasion. Browse our range of gifts that include beauty products, games, DIY kits, decor and more.

How to Choose Gifts for 9-Year-Old Girls?

Age 9 is a pivotal time in a young girls life, where she goes from having fleeting interest in a variety of topics to be more 'into' certain toys, brands and designs. It is also the time when girls many young girls are close to the beginning of puberty, so their tastes start to change and mature. Girls of this age are also starting to become a little less interested in toys, although may will still be into dolls and stuffed animals, and more interested in games and topics that appeal to older kids, like board games or challenging craft projects. Gift giving at this time can be a little more difficult as the 9 year old girls taste are likely more specific than before, however, you also have the added bonus of having a wider selection of not only toys, but clothes, board games, craft gifts, jewellery, bath and beauty products, cute room décor, and cool gifts that revolve around technology, cool gadgets and STEM learning products.

Your Guide To Buying Presents for Girls Age 9

The easiest way to choose the perfect gift that will appeal to most 9 year old girls is to take a minute and think about what the child is actually interested in - what is their passion. Many girls at age 9 are still into sports and love spending time outdoors, so outdoor toys would clearly be the best gift idea. Other girls may love reading books, playing a board game and card games, therefore, it is likely some old school gifts would resonate best. Alternatively, she may also be really creative, loves art and craft and getting her hands-on anything that she can make or create. The best gift ideas will always come from taking a moment to think, or ask their parent, about what they love to do. Below we've come up with some cool gift ideas that will be sure to please any 9 year old.

Making & Creating

This age is where kids start to develop the interests and hobbies that they can carry through to the rest of their lives. One of the best gifts you can gift to any child is one that gets them away from a computer screen and taps into their creativity. One of our most popular items for girls in this age group are our bracelet making kits, which will keep them busy making presents for their friends for hours on end. Our store has many arts and crafts DIY kits for kids of all ages, including Kaisercraft Sparkle art beading kits that not only tap into their creative flare but the finished product also makes a great wall art piece. Other cool gift ideas for 9 year old girls could be a science kit, such as our make-your-own solar system or make-your-own slime kit. All parents will be happy with a gift that taps into their child's creativity.

Fun Games

There is no doubt that 9 year old kids, as with most ages until their mid to late teens, love spending quality time with their family and having a good old fashioned family game night. An age appropriate board game or card game that the whole family, or their friends, can play and enjoy is sure to be a well received gift for most kids. Another fun game that most nine year old's would love is the Classic Jacks Game - a game that is both fun and also improves eye hand coordination. Another super popular game at the Tween to Teen store is the Roll-Up Dart Board, it is great fun and a safe game that can be played indoors or out, on your own or with friends.

Bed, Bath and Beauty

It is also about this time your 9 year old girl will start to become interested in beauty, skin-care and pretty much anything that is packaged nicely and smells fruity. Great presents for girls between the ages of 8 - 12 are bath products, including beauty and toiletry cases, nail care kits, bath bombs, bath accessories such as shower caps or even a Bluetooth shower speaker. If you are not buying for your own kid, be sure to check that the girl receiving the gift does not have any allergies or skin sensitivities before your purchase. Tween to Teen only stock bath and body items that are free of nasties chemicals (that often cause skin irritation), or any products that are tested on animals.

Accessories and Décor

Many children at this age also start to develop their own ideas about how they would like their room to be styled. Some cool gifts - but be sure to check with parents first if you are not buying for your own child as there may be certain colour schemes you need to consider. A good gift that will suit almost any nine year olds room will be a simple piece of wall art, like the positive affirmation wall plaques in our store. Cool gifts for any girls room décor would also include accessories like trinket dishes, jewellery storage, bedside storage pockets or led lights strings or photo storage items.

Animals and Unicorns

Some of the coolest gifts gifts for 9 year old girls are animal or unicorn themed gifts. Many would think 9 year olds have grown out of unicorns, but one thing is for sure - every 9 year old loves CUTE. Gift ideas in this category include stuffed animals, games to play with friends like our Unstable Unicorns card game, art and crafts kits, drink bottles, bath products, tote bags and themed LED lights and Bluetooth speakers.

Gifts for 9 Year Olds - Shop Here

Some of the best gift ideas for 9 year old girls can be found on our store. Head on over to our Presents for 9 Year Old Girls page to find a gift any kid is sure to love now!