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Presents For 13 Year Old Girls

Discover our range of presents for 13 year old girls and shop online. From tech to games, beauty products to jewellery, we’ve found the very best gifts for 13 year old girls in Australia and put them in one place to make your birthday and Christmas shopping easier. Browse our range now to find the perfect gifts for teenage girls.

Best Gift Ideas for 13 Year Old Girls in Australia

Finding the best gifts for girls teen girls that you know she'll love is no easy feat and this can make birthday time and Christmas a bit stressful. Toys just won’t cut it anymore, and many 13 year old girls teens have their eyes set on the latest trends which are difficult to keep up with. The key is to get them gifts that transcend trends but are still cool in their book. Here’s our guide to finding the best gifts for girls age 13 that do just that. 

Jewellery and Accessories

Has your teen taken an interest in jewellery? At Tween to Teen we stock a range of earrings and necklaces in gold, rose gold and silver. We have super cute earrings for tween and some more mature earrings for the fashion conscious teenage girl. We even have a range of jewellery making kits to keep the craft crazy 13 year old girl entertained. Our range of earring and necklace selections are are of great quality and reasonable price point, so you will not freak out if they get lossed, as can happen with teen girls. Our store also stocks a great range of jewellery storage and organisation gifts that would keep any 13 year old girl happy, with trinket plates, kids jewellery boxes and jewellery travel organisers.

Tech and school supplies

Teen girls start to become a lot more interested, and some could say obsessed, with cute tech items and school stationary, like pencil cases, erasers and USB devices. These gifts are sure to be a winner for any 13 year old girls and a good choice if you do not know the gift recipient well, as most would love to receive a cool gift like our USB cup warmers, mini Mani the Lucky Cat or some cute animal theme sticky notes. 13 year old girls also start spending a lot more time in the bathroom attending to their skin and hair, so another great choice would be from our large range of Bluetooth speakers. We have both shower Bluetooth speakers and one for standard use, we even have them in cute animal designs.

Something for Her Room

It is not uncommon for teenage girls to want to change up their room style and try a few different colors. They want their room decor to reflect their maturing style and tastes. It is pretty easy to find some cool room wall art, funky LED lights and photo displays, or a new lamp to allow your teen to experiment with their room decor. These types of gifts are often the best gifts for a 13 year old girls as they they will rearrange and change their room many times over just for the fun of it. Another great gift for a teen girl is some jewellery storage, such as one of our cute trinket dishes or jewellery boxes. A Bluetooth speaker to sit on the bedside table or desk is also another great decor

For the Bath & Body Lover

Teen girls love the smell of anything fruity and seem to go a little crazy about anything to do with hair, skin and bath that smells great. My own 13 year old daughter has spent a small fortune on such products. Bath and body products like bath bombs or bath and beauty accessories such as shower caps, headbands and eye masks are great gift ideas for 13 year old girls. We are are super careful at Tween to Teen to screen our beauty products to ensure they do not contain any nasty chemicals or agents that are likely to cause skin irritations.

Other great bath and beauty gift ideas for teen girls is a cool nail polish or nail care kits. We have several to choose from in our store, and we stock a really cool brand called Polish Me Silly. We import this product directly from the USA and it is one of our top sellers in this category. Even better is that all our nail polish products are at a minimum a five-free formulation, meaning they are free from nasty chemicals. We also do not stock any nail or beauty products that are tested on animals.

Bags and luggage

One of the best gifts for 13 year old girls is a toiletry bag or makeup bag - yes many would say they are too young to wear makeup at this age but the reality is that this is about the time that many start to experiment with makeup. Makeup bags are also great to stow nail polish and other skin care products. Teen girls of this age also star acquiring ID cards, store loyalty cards and the like, so a cute purse, cross-body bag or coin purse is also another great gift for any 13 year old girl. Our store also has a variety of tote bags, pencil cases, jewellery organisers and iPad sleeves. There is something to satisfy even the pickiest teen girl.

Something for their free time and hobbies

To be honest, one of our favourite categories in our store is the "Gifts to Make" category and we certainly feel that anything that can gets kids off screens is one of the best gifts you can give. We have a wide range of hands-on gifts for the 13 year old girl who has a hands-on approach and loves either crafting, tinkering or making. We have the great Incredibuilds series, which include a book full of facts and information, and a build-it wooden model of the specific topic. Tween to Teen also stocks the cool Robotime ball-run kit builds, which not only engage their creative skills to build, but then provide hours of fun.

The Metal Earth kits are the perfect gift for teen that likes a little bit more of a challenge. Our selection includes favourites from movies like Harry Potter and the Marvel series. We also have several do-it-yourself beauty kits for making bath bombs, lip balms or other beauty products. Another great gift for teen girls into science is one of our science model or STEM activity based kits.

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