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2022 Stocking Filler Ideas for Teenage Girls

Christmas is a time for giving, and stockings are a tradition that dates back centuries. While the Christmas stocking might have originally been filled with coal and other small items, today, it's seen as an opportunity to stuff a loved one's sock with small gifts and edible goodies. If you're looking for stocking filler ideas for teenage girls, we've got you covered. From bath and body products to jewellery and everything in between, we've put together a list of the best stocking fillers for teenage girls in Australia. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Christmas shopping sorted early this year and take a look at our list of gift ideas. Trust us, your teen will be thankful come Christmas morning!

What are Traditional Stocking Fillers

There is not one perfect way to fill up your stocking, but there are some classics. You can include practical gifts too, like socks or funky stationary for the start of the new school year, and remember that stocking fillers can also be at a cheaper price point that the main gift items. Christmas stockings were not always a 'thing' in Australia and really have only become popular in the last 15 years or so - but what a great tradition for everyone in the family to enjoy. Traditionally, stockings were filled with items like fruit, lollies or a smaller toys, but really there are not any rules and anything small enough to go in and get taken out easily is fine. While it is always nice to pay tribute to tradition, it is 2022 and there are really no 'rules' when it comes to Christmas stocking fillers - so just have fun and fill up that stocking with whatever takes your fancy.

Beauty Products and Accessories

Personal care products and small bathroom accessories like those listed below are great stocking fillers. I don't think there is a teenage girl alive who does not love bath products, or small personal care accessories like the range listed below. If you cannot see anything you like from this selection, head over to the Beauty, Bath and Skincare Collection on our site to shop for more gift ideas.

Mini Bath Bombs

The Miss Bliss mini bath bombs are a favourite one of the and make great gifts for kids of all ages. Each little bath bomb is individually wrapped, coming in at 2.5cm per ball they are sure to suit most girls of any age that love a bit of pampering. If these are not your style there are also unicorn poop, zombie brains and dino poop mini bath bombs in the Beauty, Bath and Skincare section on our site . Buy here.

Mini Bath Bombs

Microfiber Face Cloth

These microfiber facecloths are a great purchase for any teenager that has gotten themselves into a good skincare routine - whether they wear makeup or not. They are also a great gift to give someone who is environmentally conscious, just add water and presto the dirt and makeup comes straight off without adding landfill in the way of cotton pads and plastics from cleaning products. Shop now.

Microfiber Face Bloth


Luxe Velvet and Satin Eye Mask

A unique gift for a teen some would say, but sleeping masks are proven to improve sleep by blocking out artificial light and increase serotonin levels. So a great buy for a teen tired at the end of the day from an active lifestyle who struggles to get a good nights rest. These eye masks are machine washable and can be placed in a dryer on a low/delicate setting. Buy now.

Luxe Satin Eye Mask

Refillable Perfume Atomizer

Most girls get into perfume in their early teens, and while the perfume bottle are design to look funky and appealing they are simply too large and bulky to take in a purse of on an overnight sleepover. These little atomizers from Legami make easy to take your favourite perfume with you, and they are the perfect size for stocking fillers. Shop now.

Perfume Atomizer from Legami

Games and Novelties

A card game or smaller board games like magnetic travel games make great gifts for Christmas. Nice and small, so easy to pop straight into the stocking, and also something kids and adults can enjoy together later in the day when you are resting off that turkey and pudding.

Card Games

Card games are great gifts for any stocking as they are not only small, but provide quick an easy entertainment for one or many, providing great entertainment for kids and family on Christmas Day and beyond. The perfect games for kids of all ages, Tween to Teen stocks the most of top ten popular cards games for tween and teens in Australia. Sleeping Queens, Go Sushi and Five Crowns are our best sellers in this category. Buy here.

Sleeping Queens card game

Magnetic Travel Games

The Purple Cow travel series are light and slimline game sets that include checkers, snakes and ladders, sudoku and battleship, just to name a few. These are sure to be a good gift idea for kids in families that go camping or regularly go on plane or car trips. Shop here.

 Magnetic Travel Games


A great old fashioned kids game that is good at improving eye-hand coordination, and can be played solo or with multiple players. A great fill present for any stocking size. These jacks sets contain 10 metal jacks, a bouncy ball cotton drawstring storage bag. Buy now.

Jacks Game


It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but a harmonica is a great gift for most young kids who have shown an interest in music, or perhaps an already accomplished musician that is looking to branch out to a new instrument. Light and portable, these are a great little harmonica for beginners with larger holes and smooth edges, this instrument also has the music chart printed on the side to help kids teach themselves new songs. Shop here. Buy here.

Magic 8 Ball

Kids love novelty gifts and this Magic 8 Ball is sure to provide some great entertainment on Christmas Day and beyond. Simply give the ball a big shake, ask a question and turn it over - problem solved. This Magic 8 Ball is approximately 7cm in diameter. Shop here.

Mystic Magic 8 Ball


There are not many tween or teen girls who would turn their nose up at a nice pair of earrings for Christmas, and given their small size, earrings and small jewellery accessories like trinket plates make the perfect stocking fillers. Keep any jewellery safe and secure with our great jewellery storage ideas - some are just the right size to pop straight into the Santa Sock. 

Stirling Silver Earrings

Good quality Stirling Silver gifts, at the right price, are always going to be a great addition and our earring selection has a style to suit most girls. Stirling silver is a great option for girls with sensitive ears. Our store has earrings to suit both tween and teen girls. Shop all jewellry here.

Sterling Silver Earrings

Wood with Words

One of my favourite unique gift ideas on our store is the Wood with Words products we stock on our site and the bonus is they are designed and made in Australia. Perfect for any occasion, price or age these cute earrings are sure to please kids of any age. Buy now.

Wood with Words Donut Earrings

Trinket Dishes

A small trinket dish is a good idea for a tween girl or early teen who does not yet have a great deal of jewellery to store. These are great gift ideas to keep small jewellery items organised and in one place. It is a great idea to get girls into the habit of keeping all their jewellery items in one place to avoid losing and misplacing these precious items. Shop here.

Heart Shaped Trinket Dish

This selection is just a small sample of the great range of gifts we have to suit tweens and teens for birthdays, Christmas and any other special occasion. Get the right gift every time - Shop Now

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