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Top Ten Best Movies for Tweens- Australia

We’ve all done the Netflix dance with our kids. We scroll endlessly, watch a few trailers, and tirelessly search for the best children’s movies. Turns out that it’s easier said than done to find something that your tween will love, is appropriate for them to watch, and is good enough to hold your interest as well. The best movies for tweens strike the right balance between being mature enough that your tween won’t get bored without being way too mature for their age group.

We’ve come up with a list of movies that perfectly strike that balance. We’ve also included films with insightful messages and themes that your tween will be able to relate to and learn from. 

The Best Movies For Tweens on Netflix and Other Streaming Services

Inside Out

There are plenty of Disney animations that are perfect for tweens. Though all of them could make this list, one stands out as being particularly tween focused. Inside Out follows Riley, a tween who has just moved to a new city. The real story takes place inside her brain where her emotions are running rampant as she struggles to cope with and process these big changes. It’s a heartwarming coming-of-age tale the delves into the complexities of emotion and development. Inside out is a creative representation of the inner workings of emotion, conveying the all-important message to tweens that it’s ok not feel happy all the time. 

Inside Out Tween Movie

Rating: PG

Where to watch in Australia: Disney+

Spy Kids

Undercover agents, top-secret technology, and tweens tasked with saving the world. Spy Kids has just about everything you could want in a tween-focused spy movie. While by today’s standards the visual effects may leave something to be desired, this adds to the ridiculousness and charm of this movie as it crams in as much excitement as possible. Spy Kids is definitely worth a watch for the bizarre villains, family values, and awesome gadgets alone.

Spy Kids Video Image

Rating: PG

Where to watch in Australia: Stan


Think Matilda is just a silly kids movie? Think again. It tackles complicated family relationships, abuse of power, the importance of education, and the value and strength of friendships. All this plus a little magic and utterly hilarious dialogue. Matilda is one of the best movies for tweens on Netflix that adults will also love.

Matilda Tween Video Image

Rating: PG

Where to watch in Australia: Netflix

High School Musical

If you’re looking for the best movies for teenage romance, High School Musical has just the right dose of heartthrobs while carrying through a message of self-acceptance. If your tween is all about musicals they’re probably going to love this one. PSA: after watching this movie you’ll probably be subjected to your tween listening to soundtrack non-stop. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

High School Musial Tween Video Image

Rating: G

Where to watch in Australia: Disney+

The Princess Bride

One of the oldest films on this list, The Princess Bride is a cult classic that everybody should watch at least once in their lifetime - tween or not. It’s the ultimate fairytale, exploring themes of true love, morality, revenge, and friendship while throwing in some epic sword fighting and adventure throughout the journey. As this is an older film, some of the themes are a little more mature than themes that modern-day PG films take on. Keep this in mind when deciding if your tween is old enough to watch.

 The Princess Bride Tween Video Image

Rating: PG

Where to watch in Australia: Available to rent on Amazon Prime

Star Wars: A New Hope

In recent years, the Star Wars franchise has blown up once again. If you feel your tween is ready for epic action-adventure in outer space, take them back to where it all started. The themes in Star Wars are pretty self-explanatory thanks to the dark side and the light side. It’s a great way to introduce your tween to the concepts of good and evil, integrity and corruption, while having some laughs at the 1977 special effects.

Star Wars a New Hope

Rating: PG

Where to watch in Australia: Disney+

Freaky Friday

Looking for the best movies for tween girls who are already flexing their rebellious spirit? Freaky Friday is for you and your tween. After a mother and daughter switch bodies, they both learn big lessons in empathy as they struggle to manoeuvre through each other’s worlds. 

Freaky Friday Tween Video Image

Rating: PG 

Where to watch in Australia: Disney+

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

This old-school Disney film has it all. Goofy parents, science experiments gone wrong, a coming of age adventure, and the essential romantic side story. Beyond that, it deals with themes that all tweens can relate to, including fitting in, parental pressure, and more. 

Honey I Shrunk the Kids Tween Video Image

Rating: PG

Where to watch in Australia: Disney+

The Parent Trap

Another Disney classic on our list packs double the tween fun, with not one but two Lindsay Lohans in her breakout role. The Parent Trap is the quintessential tween movie, dealing with everything from camp rivalries to themes of divorce and complicated family relationships. 

The Parent Trap Tween Video

Rating: PG

Where to watch in Australia: Disney+

Jurassic Park

For those tweens who can handle a few dinosaurs and adult themes, Jurassic Park is one of the best scary movies for tweens to this day. Aside from the epic premise of a dinosaur park where the dinosaurs go rogue, your kids will also love this movie for the relatability factor. Two of the main characters are tween and teen siblings who are stuck in the middle of their parent’s divorce, needing to work together to escape the park. 

Jurassic Park Tween Video Image

Rating: PG

Where to watch in Australia: Stan

This list was made for those under 13, which is why we have only included films that have either a G or PG rating. For that reason, the ever-popular Marvel films and other M-rated tween favourites have been left out.

Looking for more suggestions your tween will love? Check out ourblog.

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