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Allen Designs

If you like prints, planters and just about anything artistic as much as we do, you’ll adore Allen’s designs! Their gorgeous (and at times quirky) designs are eye catching and brighten any space! Our top pick (available on our website now!) is the ‘Hairy Jack’ planter, an eccentric pot that has ears and a nose/beard that protrudes in an adorable life-like way. The first design of this style uses neutral colours, making it more discreet in a home setting compared to the second design, which follows a blue colour scheme. These two palettes make this product versatile for many homes, hence why we’re so obsessed!

Another product you can find from Allen Designs is their ‘Happy Camper’ planter, in the shape of a campervan. We like this product because it doesn’t look like your average pot, a perfect token of outdoors to have in the home. The third planter we can’t get enough of is the ‘Baby Black Cat’ design, arguably the cutest pot out there! Cast in resin and finished by hand, this adorable design can simply perch on a surface and the space is instantly warmed! Following the trend of a 3D pot, this planter has ears, legs and a tail that stick out slightly to bring this little cat to life.

Allen Designs originates in the USA, shipping internationally to Europe and Australia and has continued to grow over the last 25 years. Michelle Allen’s whimsical products are her pride and joy, and this is shown in every single creation, which is why they’re a must-buy!