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Djeco Toys are a very stylish and unique brand that was founded in France in 1954. The company was founded by a woman (of course!), Véronique Michel-Dalès, and remains a family run business with her son, Frédéric at the helm. Originally the company started with educational wooden toys and was so successful it won 4 Oscars for toys in the 1960’s. The term Djeco is in reference to the gecko, the lucky lizard. The brand was re-born in 1997, due to the Frédéric artistic talents, adding many new creative product lines to their catalogue. Djeco toys have been translated into many languages and are currently available in 60 countries across the globe.
The Djeco brand has expanded to include a wide selection of toys for infants and both young and older children; art and craft items such as origami, do-it-yourself jewellery, sequin and sand art, needlework and macramé. The Djeco range also has an extensive selection of stationary, notebooks and jewellery for children.  The brand is synonymous with creativity, quality and striking design. We love this brand due to the unique catalogue of gifts and toys that gets kids off their screens and getting creative and letting their imagine run wild. The items that consistently sell the best in the Dejco range are the timeless Fortune Teller Origami and the Quilling Kits. We hope you enjoy this range as much as we do.