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Metal Earth

If you enjoy solving puzzles, Metal Earth’s intuitive products are the next step for you! They design and sell 3D puzzles that cater to many tastes, having categories for popular franchises such as Star Wars and Marvel, as well as classic structures such as Aviation and Architecture. Metal Earth’s puzzles are perfect as birthday gifts and stocking stuffers, a creative outlet for males and females of any age. The difficulty of their products varies from ‘easy’ to ‘challenging’, giving the option for a leisurely build or one that is perplexing and difficult. Two of our favourite Star Wars models are BB8 and the infamous R2D2, both are a moderately difficult build that simply require the joining of many metal parts, meaning it needs no glue or welding. Another build is Captain America’s Shield, a replica of the iconic shield that is held on a stand to display. Since it is comprised of metal, Metal Earth products give an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and if stored correctly can last forever! All of their products come with the metal pieces connected in a flat metal sheet, making it an easy-to-post gift. We hope you love Metal Earth products as much as we do, especially their creative, intuitive layout.