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If you aim to improve spatial reasoning and fine motor ability whilst having fun, Robotime is the brand for you! Founded in 2007, this 3D wooden puzzle company has grown to sell internationally between their three sub-brands: Rolife, Robud and ROKR. Based in China, the Robotime team focuses on designing and manufacturing engaging, innovative and brain-fueling toys that you can make yourself, inspiring creativity. Furthermore, they are generally made of wood, providing an environmentally-friendlier alternative to plastic. Robotime’s wide range of products make it highly enjoyable for all demographics – creative boys and girls, to adults (with their more challenging designs), to music lovers (with a wide range of music boxes to browse)! One of their best-sellers is their dollhouse line, especially the Miniature Dollhouse Duplex Apartment, where all materials are provided for you to glue, stitch and assemble your own unique apartment! Another of Robotime’s bestsellers is their Electric Gramophone, a part of their popular DIY music box range. Inspired by Thomas Edison’s works, this product can truly play records, a rewarding experience for a build that requires great dexterity. Robotime’s wide range of toys are highly rewarding, we couldn’t love them more!